The A-List Business Self-Guided Program

The idea of being an “A-Lister” appeals to you.


  • You just finished your coach training
  • You are starting out on your own, but aren’t sure where to start to make coaching a business.
  • Heck, you might even have been at this for a while, but could use a fresh start and some business fundamentals to organize and strategize in a way to make your journey easier.

It these describe you, you’ve come to the right place.

Sadly, most training programs don’t focus on ‘the business side of the business’ of coaching so that’s where we come in.

After over 25 years with a successful six-figure business as a coach, Laura thought long and hard about why she’s made it as a coach when 82% of coaches close up shop, disappointed, after two years.

That’s why we’ve created FOUNDATIONS, the starter course of The A-List Business Mentoring Program


12 Week Curriculum


Month One: Quick Start Fundamentals

  • A-List Positioning from the Start—Attracting Clients Right Away
  • Articulating what you do quickly and effectively
  • Clarifying your coaching fees 
  • The 20-minute sales call
  • Coaching Question Fine Tuning for more efficient sessions

Month Two:
Identifying Clients and Services, Closing Sales

  • Going deeper to identify your ideal client, how to serve them and where to find them
  • Systemizing, organizing and planning your networking activities and practice-building
  • Intensive work on overcoming objections and closing new clients
  • Systems and Organization for the Solopreneur

Month Three: Business Management

  • Tools, resources, policies and procedures of a healthy and thriving Coaching practice
  • Coach Self-Management
  • Websites, Social Media, Newsletters, Speaking, Writing, Online Summits—Demystifying marketing for the solopreneur who has to do it all.
  • Your plan for growth

Once you have these lessons and strategies in your tool box, you’ll be on solid footing and feel more confident about gaining and serving clients as well as creating a sustainable business.

Video Content and Handouts available in our Training Vault.  


Don’t PASS GO without the solid business FOUNDATIONS that will save you expensive mistakes and a long learning curve. We made the mistakes for you. Learn from our wisdom and proven strategies by joining us.

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