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Meet Laura

Laura Berman Fortgang
Master Credentialed Coach

As a 25+ year veteran of the coaching profession and a founding member of the International Coaching Federation, I feel strongly about great coaches fulfilling their purpose while reaching their personal and professional dreams.

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Laura’s Expertise

Nationally Renowned Coach

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Master Credentialed Coach

Best-Selling Author

TedX Talk (1.9M views)

Executive & Career Coach

My Approach


In the entertainment industry, A-Listers are those that don’t have to audition anymore and are requested by name to star in a production.

For a Coach, that means you don’t have to work so hard to have people say yes to working with you and many are seeking you out because they already know of your reputation for creating the results they long for.

I hope that here, you’ve landed HOME, where you can train on the business side of the business of coaching to do just that.


Are you ready to be on the A-List?

I highly recommend Foundations to new or experienced coaches

I enjoyed and benefited from Laura’s Foundations program. Small group coaching over a 3-month period allowed me to take a fresh look at my 23-year old coaching business. When I started the program, I was unsure whether to continue coaching or retire. When I finished the program, I felt refreshed and clear about what steps to take to rebuild and reshape my company.”

Sydney Paredes

I 10X'd my income from $50K to $500K!

Working with Laura, I grew my private practice to a level
that ultimately helped me retire
MJ Range

Looking to take yourself to the next level - this is the investment to make

I’m so glad I joined the A-List… I finished writing my book, refined my target customer and niche, confirmed the value I provide my clients … I also had my highest revenue year to date!

Merideth Mehlberg

Laura is a dynamic and phenomenal coach

She supported me in clarifying how to scale my business and offered helpful and impactful strategies to make it happen. I struggled for years trying to figure this out on my own. Laura helped me figure it out in just a couple of coaching sessions. I highly recommend her!!!

Danielle Hatchell

6 Steps to Sensational Brand

Learn six steps to expanding your professional footprint.